Taler Demo


This part of the demo shows how a bank that supports Taler directly would work. In addition to using your own bank account, you can also see the transaction history of some Public Accounts.

Other parts of the demo:

You can learn more about Taler on our main website.

History of public accounts

Date Amount Counterpart Subject
04/11/19 18:48 - 100.00 KUDOS Exchange (account #2) XH7M0BG6E5ZJB5PFJ898GVMSWPQZ2426ESKCYS8TNMG97T6KC7FG https://exchange.com/legacy
02/11/19 15:41 - 100.00 KUDOS Exchange (account #2) ZH1JK112F15CEGHWYHAPMHNA8RQD4SNSAVANV5C7FVNQY8A86T30 https://exchange.com/legacy