Demo Bank

This part of the demo shows how a bank that supports Taler directly would work. In addition to using your own bank account, you can also see the transaction history of some Public Accounts.

History of public accounts

Date Amount Counterpart Subject
17/05/21 11:33 +0000 50.00 KUDOS Survey (account #8) ECH47K3J8VGM63TNFRP2KDKMVKZ87RN13462D2YJFJHFCN483CFG
17/05/21 11:37 +0000 5.00 KUDOS x (account #9) WANJ259QKSFRPC2QBSP3HW1YMQHF6W7AB8692TM2YXPN0RZR2V5G
17/05/21 12:47 +0000 20.00 KUDOS fxulusoy (account #10) YEASVCVFXAVTA0M3DBJ98GFC147ZEZQ04AQSJNFDFSXS1W32D4Y0

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